A Digital Symphony

Classical music from Computer to HiFi

Music publishers and labels

There are quite a number of music publishers / labels which publish classical music for download, some small and some very large. In addition there are a number of download stores with a focus on classical music. This article considers how the downloads provide for the needs of the classical music lover. There are three main requirements here:

  1. A variety of available formats. MP3 is commonly available, but if you want full CD quality (plus flexibility of tagging) then FLAC is much better. Audiophiles with superlative hearing may want even higher quality formats (e.g 24 bit FLAC).
  2. The full sleevenotes automatically included as a high quality pdf.
  3. All the relevant information stored in tags in a consistent structured manner.

The table below considers various publishers/labels/download stores. Most provide the opportunity to listen to music samples. Some publishers operate music download stores which carry other labels (e.g. Chandos with The Classical Shop and Naxos with Classics Online). Albums may be available at multiple sites, therefore, at different prices and in different formats sometimes. As the author is based in the UK, that influences the list below. Note that stores which do not publish downloads in FLAC are not listed below (see http://www.theguardian.com/technology/askjack/2012/jun/14/digital-music-flac-sources for further commentary on this - bottom line is that, if it seems too cheap to be true, then it is). For another view, see http://carstenknoch.com/2012/02/where-to-buy-classical-music-downloads-updated/ .






Web site

Hyperion MP3, FLAC (16/24 bit), ALAC (16/24 bit) pdf included with most albums. Downloads automatically with tracks.

FLAC: fairly well populated. Composer is in "Last name, First Name (Dates)" format so may need amending.Band tag not used, Soloists/performer not used. Genre generally set to "Classical" and Period not set.

A favourite. Fairly user-friendly although tags could be improved a bit. http://www.hyperion-records.co.uk

 MP3, WMA, wav, FLAC (16/24 bit), AIFF

 pdf included with many albums    Chandos includes a large number of labels all available through The Classical Shop. See http://www.theclassicalshop.net/about_us.aspx for details of these labels.  http://www.theclassicalshop.net
Deutsche Grammophon  MP3, FLAC  ?  ?  Some albums need to be purchased via iTunes / Amazon. Comments here only relate to those available for purchase directly from DG.  http://www.deutschegrammophon.com
Resonus AAC, MP3, FLAC (16/24 bit)   pdf and high-res artwork with all albums  ?  "The world's first solely-digital classical label"  http://www.resonusclassics.com/
Naxos  MP3, FLAC  

http://blog.naxos.com/2012/04/lets-talk-about-metadata/ for info about Naxos label tags.

 Naxos includes a variety of other labels all available through ClassicsOnline.  http://www.classicsonline.com/
eClassical (store) MP3, FLAC (16/24 bit)  pdf commonly available Varies according to label  US site, priced in $. Big list.  http://www.eclassical.com/

Presto Classical

MP3, FLAC  pdf included with some albums Varies according to label  Site mostly sells physical CDs, but downloads available for some labels. http://www.prestoclassical.co.uk/

Linn Records

MP3, FLAC (16/24 bit), ALAC (16/24 bit)  ?  ? Includes a number of other labels in the store.  http://www.linnrecords.com