A Digital Symphony

Classical music from Computer to HiFi


This section sets out what the results of the tagging scheme should look like. Note that, while the Muso screens shown here are achievable using the "simple" method, the "Custom Clock" displays (and other Muso functions such as sorting of artists) require the "bells & whistles" approach:

The actual effort to rip each CD is fairly low, provided you use dBpoweramp (and the automated “Classical” action in Mp3tag to get the best result), although much depends on the quality of metadata available on the Internet.

Here is a typical album. The Muso screen looks just like the CD insert. Notice how tracks are grouped by opus, with “subheaders” used for subtitles and subdivisions:


Note that:

On the SB touch the display will be similar to the Squeezeplay one on the PC shown below.


The information shown here is quite limited, but iPeng (or even the Squeezebox app on an iPad) will show the full details. The SB touch (and squeezeplay) can be fixed to show more information by using the Custom Clock plugin – for instance (the top line – album name – is scrolling):

The next screen shows the Muso display for a slightly different album:


Note the use of parts once more to divide the Four Seasons. Note also that Kennedy’s instrument is shown, as well as the name and instrument of hi co-soloist in the concertos for 2 violins. The sleevenotes are available as before.

On the SB touch, the display looks like this (using Custom Clock):


Here the Title and Artist list are scrolling.

One final example, with a variety of composers, arrangers and performers (although only one main ensemble and conductor). Note that arrangers are described as such in their Composer tags – e.g. “John Rutter (Arr)”. So long as there are brackets around the description of the arrangement, the Composer sort key will remove it and just have “Last Name, First Name”. Muso will also remove it in performing web look-ups. (This is configured in Tools – Options – Configuration, which also allows other types of brackets. However only round brackets work at present in the Mp3tag “Classical” action). Note also the Album SubHeader text after the Album name.


On the SB touch / Squeezeplay with custom clock it looks like this. Hopefully the scheme is now reasonably clear (the lines which are too long will scroll).